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Soyons à l’écoute

“Mon pays” … C’est l’hiver

Une très belle chanson canadienne pour cette Journée internationale de la francophonie (écrite par Gilles Vigneault, chantée par Monique Leyrac).


Le 20 mars : Journée internationale de la francophonie

Pour célébrer en ligne, écoutez la Secrétaire générale de la Francophonie, Michaëlle Jean (par hasard, une Canadienne).




Dictées? Je suis partante!

I don’t recall taking any dictation in school to improve my English writing. However, I loved the challenge of dictées in French classes. For fellow linguistic nerds who are quite fluent already, with café et croissant at hand, have some fun with short but challenging dictées:


My time zone makes it difficult to join the contest for real. I just avert my eyes from the published answer (already there when I open my computer in the morning) and go for the Dictée of the day. After I compare answers, I make sure to delve into the next tweets that reveal “traps” (which I likely fell into). Bound to improve my listening and writing skills!

At the same time, you will discover Projet Voltaire, which I am just starting to explore.

Progressez rapidement en orthographe





Soyons à l’écoute : Tune(d) in

Tune in

My first day ever in Paris, this new jeune fille au pair was astonished that French was really spoken in fast forward. Hoping that my ears and brain would catch up to this alarming pace, I would do my morning chores to the radio while the boys were in school. I tried desperately to decipher a few words here and there. I like to think I got a sense of the “music”of the spoken language, if not comprehension.

Especially now, it’s so easy to tune in worldwide. As a Canadian, I am proud to recommend Ici MusiqueTo begin your weekdays en français, try François Lemay’s Quand le jour se lève immediately followed by Marie-Christine Trottier’s La mélodie de bonne heure.

  • Follow live (en ondes)
  • Emissions en rattrapage, to catch your favorite animateurs, whatever your time zone
  • Les webradios 



L’art de téléphoner

I have spoken French fluently for some time but I am still daunted when using the phone!  In fact, I stumble over what to say when someone answers, then what to say to close the conversation.  When leaving a voice message, I really become a second-language-disaster!

En m’aidant de ma gaucherie générale au téléphone, j’ai trouvé:

Un petit vidéo YouTube qui démontre les essentiels au téléphone. La publicité à la fin n’a rien à voir avec le leçon – désolée!


C’est promis:  Je vais les étudier moi même!




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