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Dictées? Je suis partante!

I don’t recall taking any dictation in school to improve my English writing. However, I loved the challenge of dictées in French classes. For fellow linguistic nerds who are quite fluent already, with café et croissant at hand, have some fun with short but challenging dictées:


My time zone makes it difficult to join the contest for real. I just avert my eyes from the published answer (already there when I open my computer in the morning) and go for the Dictée of the day. After I compare answers, I make sure to delve into the next tweets that reveal “traps” (which I likely fell into). Bound to improve my listening and writing skills!

At the same time, you will discover Projet Voltaire, which I am just starting to explore.

Progressez rapidement en orthographe






Talk to your 10 year old self

Here’s a great creative writing idea (not mine!). This heart warming video was found on the website and originated from You Tube: SoulPancake.

Pourquoi pas en français?

Source and Attribute Creative Commons Photos Like a Pro

This Daily Post will help me get over my reluctance to post photos and art!

The Daily Post

Miss Manners will be the first to tell you that when someone gives you a gift, the proper response is a warm, enthusiastic, “thank you!” in writing. Did you know that when you accept the “gift” of a Creative Commons-licensed work such as a photo or illustration for use in your web projects, Miss Manners would endorse that same, warm, enthusiastic “thank you!” in the form of proper sourcing and attribution? Being a good citizen on the web means demonstrating proper behavior, at all events. Today, we’re going to share the wonder that is Creative Commons and your responsibilities for sourcing and attributing any material you may download there.

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