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Pourquoi pas? (Just because.)

Le coq omniprésent

Image by Jairo Alzate, Unsplash CC0 1.0

Have you noticed the wrought iron type, often adorning church steeples in France?  Ever wonder why the rooster is as much a symbol of France as the Fleur de Lys?

Richard Alexander’s blog, Deep Heart of France, focuses on places less traveled. (Following his blog, you will want to add the Massif Central to your next France itinerary.)

Here he discusses this ubiquitous symbol, the rooster.

Is that a Rooster?

Wikipédia, one of my favorite references, will give you the scoop en français pour le symbolisme du coq




The “Dance Walk” Movement

Here’s a “feel good” YouTube video to enjoy. Adapt it to France, and you would certainly meet people!

You can also find a follow-up YouTube video, to see what happened next…

To celebrate my tenth blog…

When cartoons say it best…  Thanks, Dawn!

Funny Cartoons About Blogging

I’ve published my first blog post! What next?

Blogging looks relatively easy on the surface:  Type, optionally attach something to jazz the words up and push “publish”.  Voilà!  Just deciding on a user name required inordinate time and self-reflection.  I decided to follow my Mom and Dad’s decision on that one, along with my good fortune that someone decided he wanted to marry me.  Problem solved!

“What will this blog cover?” is a complex question, and I don’t yet have the long-term answer.  “Who am I writing this for?” “Why?”  I envy those who are focused on just one passion and one career.  I envy those who have special abilities, especially in the fine arts.  They are already blogging successfully, I’m sure!

In the meantime, I’ll start by sharing some interesting things I’m learning in a course about using technology to teach English as a Second Language.

First post from my virtual “pied-à-terre”

I love the concept of a pied-à-terre:  One’s own small and charming home-away-from-home. Mine would be in a bustling French city. Or in a charming village? Or by a swimming lake? My husband and I haven’t got ours pinpointed yet. It would include a great view and places to walk. There’s time to read in a comfortable chair, feet up, with music playing. There’s time for friends and family. It’s a place to recharge, before the migration home.

Someone else's real pied-à-terre
Someone else’s real pied-à-terre

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