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Pied-à-terres de mes rêves

House in Hyères, France
House in Hyères, France

Wish I were there! 

I’m just practising embedding a photo, so why not add to my collection of potential pied-à-terre photos?  I am unsure that this gorgeous photo taken in Hyères France will automatically be attributed to its creator.  To be sure credit goes where it is due:  this image was created by John Payne and found on Flickr and is under licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0!


First post from my virtual “pied-à-terre”

I love the concept of a pied-à-terre:  One’s own small and charming home-away-from-home. Mine would be in a bustling French city. Or in a charming village? Or by a swimming lake? My husband and I haven’t got ours pinpointed yet. It would include a great view and places to walk. There’s time to read in a comfortable chair, feet up, with music playing. There’s time for friends and family. It’s a place to recharge, before the migration home.

Someone else's real pied-à-terre
Someone else’s real pied-à-terre

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