Janet’s pied-à-terre is written by a Certified Francophile. I began learning French (awhile ago, after the dinosaur extinction) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by following the exciting lives of Monsieur et Madame Thibaut.


(I liked learning French anyway!) However, second language learning got way more exciting and effective: During a University break in 1974, I had a too-brief stint in Paris and La Creuse as a jeune fille au pair. I felt at home, Day One. Merci, ‘ma famille française’ !

My lifelong quest to learn French began in earnest, as did saving for my next trip, the next and the next… At home, I made do with Canadian bilingual cereal boxes, University courses and the Alliance française. Whenever possible, I threw myself into bilingual jobs. They were a stretch!

Now there are other, fun ways to fine-tune French language skills when you cannot live somewhere en français. That’s what I seek.

If you do too, s‘il vous plaît, join me and share your finds. BIENVENUE !